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Environmental Policy

Tombow Pencil Co. Environmental Action Policy

Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. through our environmental action policy stated below, seeks to achieve perfect harmony with the global environment in all of our business operations; contribute to the betterment of the global society through the development, production, and sales of stationery products; while at the same time maintaining a company that is in tune with both nature and humanity.

Tombow Environmental Action Policy

  • Tombow strives on a daily basis to develop, manufacture, and market ecologically friendly products world-wide.
  • Tombow dedicates itself to the improvement of product safety in order to meet ever-changing global standards.
  • Tombow endeavors to wisely use resources and energy in all parts of our global business activities.
  • Tombow commits to recycle materials throughout our business operations in order to eliminate waste whenever and wherever possible.
  • Tombow promises to conduct our operations in accordance with all applicable local, regional and global regulations as well as to honor all contractual requirements agreed to by the company.
  • Tombow, in cooperation with recognized global environmental organizations, is committed to continuous improvement of our environment and the elimination of pollution.

I hereby commit the entirety of our company resources towards the establishment, execution and proper review of concrete environmental goals and targets stated in the above action policy.