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02 October 2023

Tombow Talks To: Alice Brisland

What inspired you to pursue a career in design, and how did you develop your unique artistic style?

Art was everywhere in our home. My Dad was an Art teacher and a passionate artist. He encouraged both me and my sister to draw daily wether it was a still life, location drawing or a mural on the wall. 

I went on to study Illustration at Falmouth University and began a career within Product design and then Textile Print Design. I’ve always loved colour and pattern and when the lockdown hit and I was stuck at home with my 3 boys I bought some pens and started drawing in the small moments of time I had. I’ve always loved to draw and with the influence of colour and pattern my style has developed. 


How do you approach colour selection and combination to achieve such visually striking results?

I’m usually drawn to a particular colour at any one time. I’m influenced by fashion and trends and I’ll often start using one colour and then use colours that work well with that one.


How do you engage with your audience, and how does their feedback and support influence your artistic journey?

Instagram is a big part of my business. This was the platform I used in lockdown to showcase my sketchbook drawings. I used and still use this to get feedback on my drawings to determine which is the most popular drawings. These then get worked up into Artworks for each collection.



Are there any specific artists, designers, or creative influences that have inspired your artistic journey?

When I joined Instagram back in 2021 there ware lots of Artists showcasing their work on Instagram due to a being at home or loosing work in the pandemic. I therefore became influenced by many of my friends like Hebe studio and Rose Dufton. I also discovered Lena Goodison, Studio Coverdale, Sarah Gesek, Liv Lee, Beya Rebaï, Margaret Jeane and Natasha Newton. There are many more I love!

Do you find that the pink background has become a signature element of your artistic style, and if so, how does that affect your creative process?

Yes it has! I started off by experimenting with a few different backgrounds but I found that the pink highlighted my work the best and gave a warmth which I love. 


Do you have any rituals or habits that help you get into a creative mindset when starting a new project?

I like to walk my boys to school (so exercise). Make a tea, write a to do list and then put on a podcast, tv program or music to keep me at my seat. 

How do you stay motivated and overcome creative blocks or challenges during the design process?

I like variation so I actually have a few things going on. I work for a print studio as well as doing private commissions and other freelance work. I enjoy to jump around depending on if I’m in the mood for drawing or spending time on the computer!

Can you share any exciting upcoming projects or ideas that you're currently working on?

I’ve been working towards a new product. It’s taking a long time to source and get the designs just right but I’m hoping to launch greeting cards soon.


Finally, is there any advice or message you would like to share with your audience or fellow artists and designers?

Just keep creating, enjoy it and believe in yourself. Try not to compare. Just use Instagram as a platform for inspiration and allow yourself to evolve. 


Quick fire

Coffee or tea?

Favourite art movement or style?
Arts and crafts movement

Favourite place to seek inspiration when feeling stuck?
The local common or a national trust 

Dream collaboration with a designer or artist?
Anthropologie. Variety hour. Studio Coverdale. 

Favourite childhood TV show or cartoon?
Goonies. Bluey!

If you could have dinner with any artist, living or deceased, who would it be and why?
David Hockney, always innovative, always true to himself, colourful and fun. 

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