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04 December 2023

The Ultimate Tombow Christmas Gift Guide for Every Personality on Your List

If you're searching for the ideal gift for your creative mates? Look no further, you're in the right place.

Explore our fantastic sets and let your creativity soar! They're perfect for some holiday fun, and getting creative together.

1. ABT Dual Brush Pens, Dermatologically tested set - Available in 107 vivid shades plus a blender, these water-based pens can be mixed for watercolour effects. Ideal for colouring, drawing, calligraphy, doodling, and journaling. This Dermatologically Tested pack, features 6 brush pens in 055, 296, 493, 725, 856, 925. Exciting news – all sets of 6 ABT pens now come in a convenient cardboard sleeve for easy storage!


2. Fudenosuke Calligraphy Brush Pen Set – your go-to for hand lettering, sketching, doodling, and journaling. This pack of six pens in pastel shades with soft tips offers a magical twist: the water-based pigment ink reveals its enchanting colours seconds after being applied to dark paper. Layer for intensified hues. Ideal for hand lettering, sketching, and card making, this soft-tip brush pen adds a feathery dynamic to your creations.


3. Lettering Set Advanced- your gateway to creative exploration with endless possibilities! Includes 5 ABT Dual Brush Pens: N15, 373, 685, 815, and a colourless blender for that softening and blending finesse. The MONO 100 pencil (3H) is perfect for sketching guidelines and is easily erased with the accompanying MONO Eraser. The set also features two versions of the Fudenosuke Calligraphy Pen in black – one with a hard brush tip and the other soft. And let's not forget the black permanent MONO Twin Marker with two tips, ideal for those meticulous details.


4.Twin Tone Rianbow Colours  - the perfect gift for artists, bullet journalists, and note-takers alike! Choose between bold or detailed lines using the broad bullet tip or extra-fine tip. With 12 vibrant colours, these water-based markers are ideal for doodling, lettering, and study notes. Plus, the durable fiber tips ensure long-lasting precision.

1. Urban Sketching Set - your ticket to capturing inspiration on the go! Sketch what you see or snap a quick photo to finish later. This set includes a curated selection of Tombow products designed to harmonise seamlessly, along with a step-by-step guide by artist Carla Kamphuis. All neatly packaged in a high-quality metal box, this set is as practical as it is stylish.


2. Desktop Organiser for ABT or ABT Pro Dual Brush Pens- a space-saving haven for your cherished ABT and ABT Pro Dual Brush Pens. With pull-out trays for effortless access, it fits on even the tiniest of desks. This set arrives empty, ready to be filled with your favourite ABT and ABT Pro pens. Available with or without pens, this organiser is the perfect addition to keep your creative tools tidy and easily accessible.


3. Greenery Watercolour Set - Whether you fancy Monstera or Pilea, this set by May & Berry has it all. Includes 5 ABT Dual Brush Pens: 098, 228, 249, 312, N52, a MONO Drawing Pen, MONO 100 (H), MONO dust CATCH Eraser, Water Brush (fine), and a blending palette. Plus, there's a 'how-to' guide with pro tips and tricks!


4. Irojiten Colour Pencils -  These high-quality pencils feature a soft lead for smooth blending and an elegant finish with a dipped end matching the lead colour. Each pencil is coated with a layer of white paint with the end dipped to match the colour of the lead. Now available in packs of 10!


5. ABT Dual Brush Pens Shojo Manga - These pens feature two tips—a versatile, flexible brush tip for strokes of all sizes and a fine tip for precision work, lines, graphics, and stencils. Perfect for colouring, drawing, modern calligraphy, doodling, journaling, and more. This Manga Shojo set includes 6 brush pens perfect for manga drawings: 062, 850, 703, 158, 528, 623, 755, 873, N15 and a colourless blender pen.

1. Creative Study Set - your all-in-one solution for note-taking brilliance and organisational flair! Whether you're a student gearing up for classes or looking to spruce up your home office, this kit has you covered. Featuring Reporter 4 Ballpoint Pen, 4 x MONO Edge Highlighters, and 4 x TwinTone fibre-tip pens for all your creative needs.


2. MONO Drawing Pen- a versatile tool for precision and artistic expression. Its rich pigment-based black ink provides striking contrasts, resisting smudging and water for durable creations. With a fine point and a long metal tip, the MONO Drawing Pen ensures accurate and consistent lines, making it ideal for sketching, doodling, or crafting intricate technical drawings. Choose from two sets to match your preferred line widths: the Bold Set, for medium to bold lines, or the Fine Set, for fine to medium lines. 


3. Creative Journaling Kit - this gorgeous set contains a notebook and a selection of Tombow products essential for starting your very own bullet journal. Includes instructions with tips and inspirations on how to decorate the notebook with the included pens by Sara Vázquez.


4. MONO Multi Liquid Glue - the perfect adhesive for various applications. Boasting two tips for optimal glueing, the fine tip is perfect for precision work, while the wide tip covers larger areas. This ultra-strong glue ensures a clean bond on paper, cardboard, photos, tape, felt, moss, and more. Achieve permanent or repositionable glueing – for a lasting bond, apply material while the glue is wet; for repositioning flexibility, let the glue dry before applying the material.

5. The MONO Edge Highlighter - This set of six pens boasts a dual-tip design with a broad chisel tip and an extra-fine bullet tip, all in one handy pen. Perfect for adding a pop of vibrancy to your planners, journals, notebooks, and study notes. Get ready to elevate your organization game with this stylish and versatile highlighter set!

1. ABT PRO Dual Brush Pens - our famous alcohol-based marker pen, offers two tips and 107 colours plus a blender for outstanding creative expression. With slow-flowing ink that minimizes paper running, it allows precise control, making it ideal for illustrations, manga, comic drawings, fashion design drafts, sketches in product development, and more.


2. ABT Dual Brush Pens - ABT Dual Brush Pens feature dual tips – a versatile soft brush for fine to bold strokes and a fine tip for precise lines, borders, graphics, and stencils. With 107 vivid shades plus a blender, these water-based pens allow mixing for watercolour effects. Perfect for colouring, drawing, modern calligraphy, doodling, journaling, and more.


3. Irojiten Colour Pencils- Japanese for "colour dictionary," offers a collection of 100 nature-inspired shades, each pencil featuring a white-coated body with a dipped end in its corresponding colour. With soft wax-based leads, these pencils allow for rich, creamy textures, perfect for blending, layering, and erasing.


4. MONO Drawing Pens - with a sleek design, now available in eight versatile sizes. Empower your precision and style with its rich pigment-based ink for a striking contrast, all while enjoying smudge-proof and water-resistant creations. The fine point and extended metal tip make it suitable for use with pencils and rulers, ensuring accuracy and consistency in sketching, doodling, or crafting technical drawings. Resistant to smudging against ABT Dual Brush Pen, ABT PRO, and Fudenosuke.

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