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09 February 2024

Your Guide to Valentine’s Day Scrapbooking with Tombow and DoodleLou

What better way to express your love and gratitude to the things and people you love than with a Valentine’s day scrapbook? I’ll be showing you a step-by-step guide on how to scrapbook alongside all the tips and techniques needed to create a playful and flirty page using Tombow products.


Gather Your Materials

The first point of action with any craft project is to gather all of the materials you need! For our Valentine’s day scrapbook, we’ll definitely need some photos, pens and glue.


I’ll also be using Tombow’s ABT Dual Brush Pens to letter and colour, MONO Drawing Pens to add detail and the MONO Aqua Liquid Glue as my adhesive. I’ve chosen to print off a mixture of photos - my main photos will be of people and things I love and my filler photos will be atmospheric such as colourful flowers. You can also grab some stickers or washi tape to decorate and add a personal touch.



To begin the page, let’s make space for a header - I’ll hand-letter the word ‘Valentine’s day’ so we can establish the focus of our page. I’ve decided to make the lettering appear like a ribbon by starting with my ABT Dual Brush Pen in Carmine (845) to letter the basic title. For a signature brush lettering look, I’ll slant my pen to take advantage of the brush nib and apply a heavier pressure to achieve a thick line and apply a lighter pressure when I need a thinner brush stroke.


I’ll then outline my header with the MONO Drawing Pen making sure I overlap some lines to create a ribbon effect. Again, I’ll go back in with my ABT Dual Brush Pens to add some shadow by building up colour in the corners where shadows would naturally appear and lastly I’ll add a drop shadow against the whole word by using Warm Grey (N89).


Compose Your Page

Now that you’ve anchored your page with a header, it’s time to arrange the layout. Begin by roughly placing your chosen photos on the page - it’s a good idea to create some overlaps and use different shapes and sizes so the overall look is varied and dynamic. 


Rearrange your photos as much as you want until you’re happy with the general placement and then it’s time to glue them down. I’ve used the MONO Aqua Liquid Glue to stick my photos down because it is dual-ended with a broad tip on one side and a pen tip on the other making it super easy to apply and distribute evenly.



Points of Interest

To create an interesting page, think about other elements you might want to add to make more points of interest. This could be anything that differs from your photos, whether that be a quote or an illustration or blocks of colour.


Aside from the header, I’ve chosen to add a smaller hand-lettered quote using the fine-tip of my ABT Dual Brush Pen in Rhodamine (725) and creating a thin drop shadow using the MONO Drawing Pen in 0.05 to balance the page out and also some colourful shapes using the brush-tip in Light Ochre (991) to create a fuller page.


Finished Scrapbook

We’re finished! It takes just 5 easy steps to create a playful and romantic Valentine’s day scrapbook page. The beauty of these methods are that they work for any type of scrapbook you’re planning to create - why not try and create a scrapbook page dedicated to a person you love or a bucket list? See how these simple methods using Tombow products can transform a seemingly plain scrapbook into an elevated and whimsical page!

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