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22 March 2022

How to create a monthly bullet journal theme

Learn how to design a beautifully visual and creative theme for your bullet journal. A bullet journal is an organisational tool to help you plan for each month but let's use this opportunity to put our own artistic spin on this. From some initial sketches to a fully-curated lifestyle page, I have created 5 pages to form the beginnings of a monthly theme.

Practice Pages

Use your practice pages as a blank sketchbook and scribble down all of your theme ideas. Why not try out some colour combinations with your favourite coloured pens, or experiment with lettering styles, or pencil in some sketches?

Theme Board

Now you have all of your ideas jotted down - refine and collate them until you have a theme you're happy with! Gather your theme elements onto a page so you have a reference of the materials and styles you'll use for the rest of the month.


Cover Page

Use your theme board to help you create a monthly cover page for your bullet journal. Be sure to add in the core elements you've chosen to establish your theme for the month. Remember this is the style you'll use for the whole month!


Vision Board

Set your goals and aspirations with a monthly vision board. Take some time to collect images that represent your aspirations or goals or write some keywords so you can visualise them in one place.


Lifestyle Page

In keeping with the theme we've made, go ahead and design some fun lifestyle pages to complement your everyday. Tailor these pages to work for you and your lifestyle!

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You will need:

Twin Tone 12 Dual-Tip Markers - Rainbow Colours

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Fudenosuke Calligraphy Brush Pen Pack - 10 colours

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ABT Dual Brush Pen

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