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18 May 2022

How to Bullet Journal for your Mental Health

Louise Chai (aka has taken some time to talk us through ways of creating some easy bullet journal pages, to commemorate Mental Health Awareness Month. 

Taking a 15-minute break from your day to focus on something analogue is enough to de-stress your mind. Bullet journaling can be a great method of detaching from your digital belongings and it's an easy activity to add into your everyday life. Why not use your bullet journal to manage your wellbeing or as a creative outlet or to redefine your routine? I've created 5 pages to challenge your mental health that you can use in your bullet journal.

Mood Tracker

Set up your mood tracker by drawing some shapes or doodles and fill them in each day with a colour that represents your mood for the day! By the end of the month, you'll be able to instantly see how your days were and can reflect on this. This is a brilliant way to distinguish one day from the next and visually see your mood.


A Word a Day

Use your favourite pens to practice a different style of lettering by writing a positive word each day! Beginning the day with a positive word and focusing on a tactile activity will help set the tone for the day.


Morning/Evening Routine

Take some time to write or draw your ideal morning and evening routine for the month - you'll find that planning your routine can help your productivity for the day and calm your mind.


Sleep Tracker

A good night's sleep is important for anyone. Track the amount of sleep you're getting and encourage yourself to get into a better sleeping pattern. By creating a tracker, you'll be more likely to focus when you sleep and when you wake up. You can even record your dreams and quality of sleep - get creative!


Brain Dump

A brain dump is an essential in any bullet journal - it's a blank canvas dedicated to scribbling down ideas, thoughts and doodles. Let your mind be free and experiment with new colours, lettering styles, doodles or just scribbles to pass the time!


You will need:

Blended Lettering Set - Good Vibes

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Fudenosuke Calligraphy Brush Pen Pack - 10 colours

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ABT Dual Brush Pen

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