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15 February 2022

Bullet Journaling for Mindfulness

Practice mindfulness with your bullet journal this year. Dedicate some time to putting pen to paper and focus on yourself and your mental health. Use your bullet journal as a tool to keep track of your present self and reflect on your month. To encourage the practice of mindfulness, Louise Chai aka doodlelou.co has created 5 pages that you can use to wind down and focus on yourself.

Mood Tracker

Track your daily mood by filling in doodles or a chart with a colour to represent your mood. At the end of the month, you'll have a fully-coloured image and you'll be able to reflect on how your mood was that month!


Monthly Memories

Create a visual diary by doodling something memorable about each day - by the end of the month, you'll have a beautiful memory log of your month at an instant glance.


Gratitude List

Take some time at the beginning or the end of each day to think of one thing that you're grateful for. Encourage yourself to write down a mixture of simple pleasures or big achievements!


Vision Board

Set the mood for your upcoming month with a vision board - gather images of the things you love, the goals you want to achieve or what you aspire to so you can physically see them to motivate you for the month!


My Happy List

All in one go and when you want to, write down the things that make you happy. Taking the time to focus on your own happiness and what makes you happy daily will practice mindfulness so reflect on these things and focus on them!

You will need:

ABT Dual Brush Pen

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Twin Tone 12 Dual-Tip Markers - Pastel Colours

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Fineliner MONO twin, permanent, Black

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