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20 April 2022

5 Fun and Functional Weekly Layout Ideas

Organising and planning your weekly activities is a core part of bullet journaling but there's so much potential to be creative here! Think of ways to squeeze in colour or patterns or illustrations and make each design full of personality - remember to keep your layouts clear and easy to read and to leave plenty of space for functionality. I'm going to show you five fun and functional layouts you can use in your bullet journal only using Tombow pens!


For the avid planner

Create a dutch door layout, by cutting a half page in the middle, to maximise your planning space without having to reset your weekly layout. Include colourful trackers, notes and quotes for a speedy and efficient set up!


For the creative

Go abstract and make your layout full of fun designs. Divide your page into loose sections and allocate enough sections for your weekly schedule - fill in the remainder with fun colours, illustrations or patterns!


For the student

There's no reason why colour-coding shouldn't be fun! Organise your schedule and inject some colour into your weekly plans - I've included a mini calendar, weekly schedule and space for daily tasks.


For the busy bee

Try pairing a simple set up with a graphic border by using your favourite colours and pens. Mark out simple sections and leave space for any trackers and extra notes you might want to include. This is a super easy layout with an impactful look!


For the bullet journaler

If you don't need everything on one page, fill in your weekly layout by drawing in some colour blocks or an interesting pattern. Make sure to leave plenty of space to write in your daily tasks!

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