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30 August 2022

Sketch with me : Nina Fuga

We've teamed up with Nina Fuga again who walks us through her process of creating a summer still life using our Irojiten Colour Pencils.

Grab your kit and join us!

What you will need: An Irojiten Colour Dictionary Pencils Set (or selection of your favourite Irojiten colours), an HB Mono 100 pencil, an eraser, an A4 sheet of white paper


Set your A4 sheet of paper in a comfortable position so that you can sketch out the composition of your summer flowers with your HB Mono 100 pencil.

    Take a bright colour Irojiten pencil to start creating the outline of the larger flowers of your summer blossoms, I’ve used a bright pink as I thought this would allow me to add darker colours later!

    Use a second bright colour to work on the petals of smaller flowers of your composition. Don’t add too much pressure at this stage as you’re still working out your composition and you can add more detail later!

    Once I start seeing the flowers coming together I like to work on the leaves and greeneries of my flower bunch. Starting from the lighter shade of green, begin to define the various shapes of the beautiful leaves. Now you can add a bit more pressure when using your pencils. Select a darker shade of green to add more detail to your leaves and begin your shading! The Irojiten pencils allow you to create a smooth texture that you can create on the surface of the petals of your flowers too. 

    The vase always plays an important part in my illustrations. I enjoy looking at vases from various historical periods, taking inspiration from their decorative elements and beautiful handles. You can draw a beautiful vase even if it’s not right in front of you…allow yourself to play with your imagination at this stage and create your ideal vase for your flowers. I choose a light blue to define the main shape of it and then used darker shades to add more detail and shading. 

    For the finishing touches I like to use the full colour range of pinks, yellows and greens that comes in the set and add smaller details all across the drawing. I feel this adds a lot of movement to the image and allows it to be more special. Trust your lines and be creative with the colour combinations and allow yourself time to play with shapes and shading!

    Trust your lines and be creative with the colour combinations and allow yourself time to play with shapes and shading!

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