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06 June 2024

How to keep a creative Recipe Journal with Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens

Two things I love are journaling and cooking, and any way to combine the two is a great idea! A recipe journal makes for a memorable way to keep all your recipes together. I’m Temi, also known as @LivingLetterPlans; come along with me as I share a fun and creative way to keep a recipe journal, using Tombow’s ABT Dual Brush Pens to create beautiful spreads.

Find your Recipes!

To fill your journal, you’re going to of course need some recipes! You can use either a recipe you’ve found, or even more fun, one’s you have created. These can be collected over a period of time, or if like me, you have a goal eat et healthier for example, you can collect a selection of healthy recipes. You can even group your cuisines into different journals by type (e.g., Italian, Mediterranean) or by meal of the day.


Decide which notebook or paper size you want.

If you want something robust, you can go for A5 or bigger, or if you’re wanting something that is a quick and easy pick up, A6 to travelers’ notebook is a good option. You can even create your recipe journal on individual sheets and keep them together in a folder.

Decide on your illustrations & Design.

There are lots of different ways to illustrate your recipe journal. You can create a theme to keep throughout or change with the types of meals. I have decided to create a design for each of my different recipes which includes some of the items and ingredients used to make them. Not only does this give you some variety when it comes to illustrating, but it makes your recipes a bit easier to find as you flip through your journal.


Pick your favourite Tombow Shades

Pick the favourite shades, and design which colours you might need for your spreads. The colours I have used for my recipe spreads are: 026, 076, 158, 177, 837, 772, 899, 947, 992, 990, N95, N75. I’m a huge fan of the warm, natural shades, so you’ll know your preference and what you like best. The technique I use when using my brush pens is to layer to shade and use the fine tip to add detail. You can watch the video in this blog on how I use this technique with my Tombow Dual Brush Pens to draw my illustrations.

Lastly enjoy the process! Not only is a fun and practical way to keep a record and collection of recipes, but creating is also a mindful process & you can make this completely your own! We’d love to see your recipe journal creations! Share them on social and tag us at @Tombow_uk and @LivingLetterPlans!

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