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22 April 2024

How to create a colourful bloom illustration with ABT Dual Brush Pens

Spring is the perfect time to get inspired by colours. Things are blooming and everything is just feeling a bit brighter and more positive. I'm using the Tombow ABT Dual Tip Markers for this piece which I use a lot in my sketchbooks as they're so easy to carry around with me and are perfect for a mixed media sketchbook page too.


First of all I picked a colour palette of six colours to keep it quite limited, some poppy pinks and peaches, a yellow and a couple of greens. Pink and green always work together so working around this base is a great place to start to build my colour palette. 


To create this illustration the main technique is colour blocking and colouring each section as we go. First I chose this lilac colour for the main background. I picked this colour because I know that the other colours will sit well on top and the contrast between them is enough to make each colour pop. 


When it came to colouring in the flower, I chose to draw a circular cloud shape. Simple do this by starting off with a imperfect circle and then adding a scalloped edge all the way around. Leave a small circular shape in the centre for another colour to be added later.


For the leaves I’m using a beautiful dark teal shade - 346 to be exact! Using the brush tip and light pressure create a smooth slightly wavy line to make the leaves!

Then one by one I blocked in the different sections with the selected colours until the whole piece was filled in!

Tombow’s ABT markers are the perfect way to create fun colourful illustrations in your sketchbook. I always take them with me on a trip as they’re so good for drawing quickly, laying down a lot of colour and you can blend them to create brand new colours too! I use the brush tip to cover larger areas and the finer tip for the more delicate details like the stars and dots! 

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