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17 March 2023

Create a fun patterned egg design for an Easter card using ABT Dual Brush Pens

Follow Chloe's step-by-step guide to create a fun patterned egg design for an Easter card.

You will need the following:
- some paper (I used 250GSM paper)
- a selection of tombow ABT brush pens
- a black pen (I used a Tombow calligraphy pen)
- a pencil for rough sketching 


Step 1 
When I start a project I always spend a good amount of time choosing a colour palette to work with.
Go ahead and pick some lovely easter colours or feel free to pick the same colours as me
Step 2
Next have a play around with some patterns/ mark making that would work as decoration for your eggs-
there is no right or wrong here just have fun!
Step 3
If you are wanting to make this into a A5 size card I would cut down or use an A4 piece of paper & then fold it in half horizontally to create a surface for you to work onto


Step 4
Next step is to put down the colour for the eggs. Feel free to use a pencil to lightly sketch this out to make sure
they all took me a few attempts (but I actually really like how they crop off at the edges- sometimes mistakes are good!) 
TIP: I started with the edge and then filled in the middle-try not to take the brush pen off the paper
Step 5: 
Now's the time to put your pattern and mark making to use- I planned out which pattern would go on each egg first
& then used the brush end and fine end to create my pattern. Take it slow and feel free to have as many goes until you are happy!
Step 6
Take a step back and have a look at your lovely creation! If you want to take a picture please tag us


I hope you have enjoyed my step-by-step and this has inspired you to go ahead and create some pretty little eggs!

All the best with your creative adventures!
Chloe :)
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