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22 April 2024

How to create a colourful bloom illustration with ABT Dual Brush Pens

Spring is the perfect time to get inspired by colours. Things are blooming and everything is just feeling a bit brighter and more positive. I'm using the Tombow ABT Dual...

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05 September 2023

A Guide to Using Your ABT Blender in Your Sketchbook with Katie Moody

Have you ever watched colours dance and blend on canvas? That's the Blender's magic! If you haven't tried it yet, now's the time to dive into this world of artistic...

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30 June 2023

How to use Tombow Brush Pens! Three ways to use them in your sketchbook with Katie Moody

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of the ABT Dual Brush Pens and embark on an artistic journey like never before? Join us as we dive into a captivating video...

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21 May 2023

A Blossoming Illustration with Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens

In this blog post, Jessica (jessica_smith_illustration) will guide us step-by-step through the process of creating a stunning spring bloom illustration using Tombow ABT Dual brush pens. Whether you're an experienced artist...

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17 March 2023

Create a fun patterned egg design for an Easter card using ABT Dual Brush Pens

Follow Chloe's step-by-step guide to create a fun patterned egg design for an Easter card. You will need the following:- some paper (I used 250GSM paper)- a selection of tombow ABT brush...

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31 January 2023

How to draw flowers with Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens

Discover how to draw a beautiful bunch of blooms using our ABT Dual Brush Pens, in this ‘how to’ video.   Grab your ABT Dual Brush Pens, follow the steps and practice until...

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01 November 2022

Draw autumnal leaves with Bettyetiquette

This month, we have teamed up with Rebecca for a mini autumnal guide.  Follow the steps and learn how to draw realistic leaves...

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30 August 2022

Sketch with me : Nina Fuga

We've teamed up with Nina Fuga again who walks us through her process of creating a summer still life using our Irojiten Colour Pencils. Grab your kit and join us! What you...

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10 March 2022

Rebecca Cahill Roots talks to us about what creativity means to her as a mother

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we asked Illustrator and Lettering artist Rebecca Cahill Roots how she will be celebrating and what creativity means to her as a mother...

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25 January 2022

Sketching Nature with Nina Fuga

Nina Fuga shows you how to draw your favourite home plant using Tombow's Irojiten's colour pencils in 7 easy steps. What do you need before you start: 12 shades of Irojiten...

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15 September 2021

How to draw shoes with I Can Make Shoes!

Watch this short shoe design tutorial with I Can Make Shoes using Tombow ABT Dual Brush pens. I Can Make Shoes is an online shoemaking school, teaching the craft of...

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08 June 2021

How to draw a Whale with Becca Hall Illustration

Today we celebrate and honor our one shared ocean! To mark World Ocean Day, Becca Hall has put together a short Whale drawing tutorial. Grab your Tombow pens and discover Becca's easy-to-follow...

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30 March 2021

How to draw your dream flower arrangement with Nina Fuga

To celebrate National Pencil Day, we have teamed up with Illustrator Nina Fuga for a flower drawing tutorial. Nina Fuga is an itinerant illustrator who was raised in Venice, Italy. Trained...

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07 August 2020

5 Amazing ways Creatives have used Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens

ABT Dual Brush Pens are ideal for colouring, fine art, illustrations, hand lettering / modern calligraphy, doodling, journaling and more! Here, we have selected 5 amazing ways our brush pens...

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16 May 2019

How to turn a bad day into a good drawing by Maria-Ines Gul.

Maria Ines Gul is a London based artist and designer with a strong interest in expressive portraits, textile narratives, fashion illustration, book design and decorative typography. She recently collaborated with us on a...

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