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Irojiten is the Japanese expression for "colour dictionary"; which is fitting since the collection comprises of 100 beautiful shades inspired by nature. Each pencil is varnished in white with the end dipped in its corresponding colour. 

These wax based pencils feature soft leads, which produce a rich and creamy texture for smooth, even blending. Colours can be layered and mixed together and can be erased to create textured accents too.

Irojiten colouring pencils are ideal for illustration, urban sketching, bullet journaling, adult colouring and more. Use them in conjunction with other Tombow art materials such as ABT Brush Pens and ABT Pro to create mixed media pieces and to add finer details to lettering.

Special shades, in  neon and pastel, lend artworks an extra special finish.

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Viewing 1 - 5 of 5 products